Friday, March 12, 2010

OZ or just NCIS?

I’ve always thought of TV and movie stars as these almost mystical people that lived in a magical world. They may as well be dragons and unicorns because they lived in a world that was impossible for me to be a part of.

With the coming of HD TV broadcasts not only has it left me in awe at the clarity and realism it brings but also shattering my illusions of actors. Watching HD TV makes you feel like you’re right there on the set and watching as they film it.

I could see actors with their imperfections that regular TV had kept hidden. What, celebrities with flaws? Preposterous! Yes, these are indeed real people who have worked hard at their craft. They weren’t grown in a test tube in a mad scientist’s lab or taken from a magical land of make-believe. They’re just humans not gods.

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  1. Living in New York is better than L.A. because you get to see more people actually walking then driving by in cars. I see celebrities all the time downtown and they are walking around like everybody else and that's because they are just like everybody else. You even get to see that most of them act in real life just the way they do on TV or Movies. Yes, celebrities get hungry, eat, go to the bathroom, get tried, get angry and do everything just like us normal humans do!