Thursday, May 3, 2012

HERO CHRONICLES and the bump in the road

Hero Chronicles #1 was released as a free downloadable comic book, for a limited time. I wish I had the forethought to announce it here on my blog, as well as on my Facebook page. Regrettably, the time was cut short by restrictions from the website we used for downloads.

Apparently, rules are now being enforced that prohibits online file storage accounts to be used by multiple users. Therefore, by letting many readers download a file, that was owned by us, was not allowed and the account was abruptly barred from such use.

Right now, the administrators at Infinity Comics are working on plans to make Hero Chronicles available for readers, both digitally and in print form. The gears are turning and hopefully things will be working again soon.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our Facebook page, if you haven’t already. We’re updating it constantly with art from our talented artists and announcements of future plans.


  1. I believe you can store it on your Comcast online space (I forget the limit of free online storage - should be sufficient to store the file), and then you can just post the link to the file on the Infinity Comics page. Something to look into.

  2. You haven't posted anything here in a while.

    Something Kevin Smith mentioned over the weekend, stuck in my mind. Have you ever thought of doing a podcast? That's how he started out. Just recording conversations he had with his friends.

    Just the banter back and forth could be informative and entertaining to your listeners. You could chat about ANYTHING. I'd even be interested in being involved.

    And, you could include people from remote locations, so it would be a way to incorporate others from different disciplines.

    Something to think about.